Living Walls

The Vertical Garden System is a unique, patented modular green wall product that allows anyone to easily create their own vertical garden. You can build any size or shape of vertical garden, to fit in any space you have available. It’s quick and easy, and best of all it takes care of the plants for you.

Growing Mediums

Just Cannabis

Organic soilless growing medium designed specifically for your canna plants. No additional fertilizers are required!

Organics Matters – Living Organic Soil

Teaming with micro organisms constantly providing your plants with nutrients.

Leca & Perlite

Inert growing mediums primarily used in hydroponic applications.

100% Coco Peat

A medium produced from ground coconut husks.

GARDENgeek GreenFinger

GARDENgeek’s GreenFingers plug and play device incorporates light, water, temperature and fertilizer sensors to monitor your plants’ needs in real-time.

Download the free GreenFingers App, connect the GreenFingers device to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1 and keep a close eye on the needs of your plants as you water or move them.

Look your plant up in the database of over 5000 species to find out more about its basic needs, origins, uses and a number of practical tips.

Use the “Leaf Filter” in the GreenFingers App to identify unknown plant species and find optimal growing conditions for all of your plants to flourish. Then simply record and track your plants’ growth over time using the growth diary.


Vertical growing towers with fully integrated NFT irrigation system.
Ideal for family growing, self sustenance and small scale growing enthusiasts.
Plug and Play.


Made from 100% recycled durable UV resistant materials. Velcro seam for easy repotting of plants. Fabric pots increase airflow through the root zone promoting good health and minimizing root problems and lowering possibility of overwatering.



EC meters are essential to the hydroponic grower ENSURING nutrients are at the correct levels for each stage of growth. The HM EC-3 is rugged enough for daily use and comes with a black vinyl carry case and belt clip as well as instruction manual and calibration screw. EC Range: 0 – 9990 µS (µS/cm) Temp. Range: 0 – 80 degrees Celsius Resolution: 0-999: 1 µS; 1000-9990: 10 µS (indicated by a ‘x10’ icon) Temperature Resolution: 0.1 degree Celsius (Celsius only) Accuracy: +/- 2% ATC: Built-in sensor for Automatic Temperature Compensation of 1 to 50o C Power source: 2 x 1.5V button cell batteries (included) Battery life: 1000 hours of usage Dimensions: 15.5 x 3.1 x 2.3cm Weight with case: 76.5g Weight without case: 56.7g Factory Calibrated with a 1413 µS KCl solution. Calibration Fluid Not Included.

HM pH 80

The PH-80 has proven to be the MOST reliable pH meter in its price range. It has become a favorite in such applications as hydroponics & gardening, pools & spas, aquariums & reef tanks, water ionizers, drinking water and more. FEATURES: Measures pH and Temperature One-touch automatic digital calibration Water resistant Simultaneous temperature display Large LCD display Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) Auto-off function, data-hold function and low-battery indicator Factory Calibrated: The PH-80 meter is factory calibration to pH 7.0.


C-342 & C-1000: TDS and EC Calibration Solutions For optimal performance, re-calibrate your meters periodically or if testing TDS or conductivity levels in wide or different ranges. FEATURES: NaCl calibration solution, available in 342 ppm or 1000 ppm Comes in lightweight HDPE plastic bottles Sealed with a coated foam liner


Nutriplex Hydroponic Nutrients

Nutriplex Flora Series is a 3 part nutrient system (Gro, Bloom, Micro) which allows you to simply match the needs of your plants throughout their different stages of growth by changing the ratios between the nutrients as well as their concentration.

NPK Ratios:

Nutriplex Gro – 2–1–6

Nutriplex Bloom – 0–5–4

Nutriplex Micro – 5–0–1


25mm 40X LED illuminated magnifying jewelers loupe used in horticulture to identify pests as well as to know when your buds are ready to harvest.


This lightweight, comfortable precision pruner allows you to get into the tightest of spaces while reducing stress on your hands during prolonged use with it’s spring loaded lockable handle. Perfect for trimming buds and flowers, bonsai enthusiasts and all gardeners alike.
  • Lightweight And Super Sharp
  • Ergonomically Designed For Stress Free Prolonged Use
  • Spring Loaded With Lockable Handle
  • 4.5mm Stainless Steel Cutting Blade
  • Antislip Rubber Handle
  • Right Or Left Handed Use

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